Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weather Gamble

I checked the weather forecast this morning...80% change of rain for the day but most likely in the afternoon, only about 20% chance until 9:00am. I took the chance and set out for my usual 50-mile ride. Got the first bit of drizzle after 5 miles. It only lasted a couple of minutes and the sun even came out for a while as I rode east on the LIE srevice road.

Almost as soon as I made the turnaround, the heavy rain started! It was really pouring for about 15 minutes, then gradually let up. I started to think about cutting the ride short but by the time I got back to Round Swamp Rd., the roads were fairly dry, so I went for the West Hills loop as well.

Heading south back down Round Swamp, more drizzle and wet roads. I got the miles I wanted but ended up pretty soaked. I'll need to get the bike cleaned-up for tomorrow's Bike-Boat-Bike century, and figure out some way to get my cycling shoes dried out by then.

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