Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pulled my calf muscle on my last,, long pre-Marathon training run. Resting it for the remainder of the week but, right now, it looks like I'm going to have to miss the race. A hard pill to swallow after 4 months of training...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Track... I Hope!

Was planning on a Brands rise this morning but checked the weather last night and it was not looking too great for a bike ride this morning. I decided to switch my running and biking plans. Did a run this morning and planning on a bike ride tomorrow morning.

Although I'm not following any set training plan, I have taken a brief look at some "1st marathon" training plans on the net and there is a theme of doing your last long training run about three weeks before the actual marathon, then tapering down to the final couple of days were there is two rest days before the marathon. By coincidence, that is sort of how it worked out for me. Did 20 last weekend, 17 today, planning for about 10 next weekend, then a couple of short morning runs the week before the race.

To be honest, I was going to go for another 20-miler today but I stupidly did not drink on my 17-mile run and was starting to cramp-up a little at the end, so I called it a day at 17. Before that, was feeling a bit better than last weekend. Weather was cool and damp, but the wind was a lot lighter than last weekend.

Tomorrow, hope to get out for a bike ride. Planning to try something new, meeting the Mineola Bike Club for a ride out to Sand's Point. Was invited by ride leader Dan Aviles, who is also my daughter's HS music teacher. We talked bikes on the Spain trip and I thought it would be cool to do a ride together.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Ground

Broke the 20-mile barrier on my run this morning. This was a milestone, as I've read on a few running sites that when preparing for your first marathon, if you can do 20 miles in training, the adrenaline of the real race will give you that "something extra" to push through to 26.2. I have no idea if that's really true, though I did run my fastest 5-mile ever during the Snowball 5-mile race.

I decided to do 5-mile laps on this run so I could leave a bottle of sport drink out and take a sip on each lap. Also, if things did not go well, I could bail without needing to call for a pick-up. It worked out well. I ended up doing 3 laps of my usual 5.5 mile morning route, plus 1 lap of Linda's 3.4 mile route, then another trip up and down the block to get the 20. Honestly, after mile 15, it was not pretty. It was all I could do to pick the legs up and put them down. But, the mental achievement is probably as important as the physical one. I know I can do 20!

A few other factors about today's run that will, hopefully, be more in my favor for May 2nd. First, I did not taper. Actually, I did a 15-mile run 6 days ago and a 10-mile run on Thursday. I'll taper at least a week before the marathon. Second, I hope I will not be fighting 20 MPH winds on marathon day, but, you never know. And third, I had a bit of a stomach issue in the morning, but not too bad.

Glad its done. It was hard, and I felt like the last 5 miles would never end, but I proved to myself it was doable.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer Already?

Was away for the Easter holiday weekend (3 days). Was pleasantly surprised to encounter some summer-like weather in Corning, temperatures in the 70F's every day. Was looking forward to some long rides/runs and was not disappointed.

Saturday, got up early for a 65-mile ride through the Savona hills to Keuka Lake and back. First half of the ride was GREAT, a bright, sunny day. I felt surprisingly good on the few steep hills mid-ride, given my lower than normal mileage this year (trading half of my cycling time for running). After descending into Hammondsport for the 30-mile return leg, the situation changed. I was fighting a strong, steady headwind back. Two hours of grinding against that wind! A bit harder ride than I wanted.

Sunday was a run day. Before yesterday's ride, I thought this would be the chance to finally get in a 20-mile run before the LI Marathon. Not to be. Was a little drained from Saturday and having some sinus issues, so I only managed 15. On the plus side, it was a sub-9 minute pace, which is encouraging. Then had a great Easter day with the family.

Finally, Monday morning before heading back to LI, did my usual 30-mile Harris Hill loop. Felt very good on the climb! Another 30 miles on the bike.

Really happy to get those three solid days in. Need to try for the 20-mile run next weekend.