Saturday, May 10, 2008

Montauk Century Ride Report

After two days of rain, things cleared up nicely this morning for the SBRA Montauk Century. I decided to ride from home to the start in Babylon this year, so I got another 13 miles as a bonus! Got to the ride start and picked up my cue sheet, then headed out on the official route at 6:55am. Seemed to be fighting a North crosswind most of the way with a little relief when the route briefly swerved south. I guess thats the problem with a point-to-point route, if the wind is against you to don't get the benefit of a tailwind on the return like you do on an out-and-back or loop ride.

The sun came through the clouds on occasion and the wet roads dried for the most part after about 25 miles of riding. I took a few photos on the way (see below) but didn't make any stops longer than about 60 seconds, however long it took to snap a photo or open a Clif bar package.

I tried to keep moving steadily to make it to Montauk by 1:00pm (which I did!) and met Mom and Dad for lunch and a car ride home. The ride had its challenges, like any long ride, but at the end I still felt strong. This despite doing the entire 113 miles solo and dealing with alot of wind. Conditioning must really be coming back. Two centuries in four days, a first for me!

Saw Kevin and John S. and some other regulars on the route heading back west while I was heading east. They were meeting up with a group out of Babylon and invited me to join but I didn't want to add any more miles to my ride and I was feeling comfortable enough on my own, so I continued on to Montauk as planned.

Enjoy the photos, and a big THANKS Mom and Dad for the ride home and the company.

Heading out for 100+ miles on the bike.

Ride start, registration table.

In the Hamptons. There are some huge mansions behind these hedges.

A bucolic scene out East.

Made it!

Now, if we can only get this bike to fit in the trunk...

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