Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend Rides

Saturday I went out to Rocky Point for the usual Pre-Early Birds Hill ride, led by Pyzahl. We started with a group of seven. We split into groups of 5 and 2. I was with the front 5 as we rolled into Iron Pier, the usual stopping and regrouping point. The group of two came in 5-10 minutes behind us. Pyzahl polled the group if anyone was interested in extending the ride from the usual 55 miles to 75. He had one taker and I said I would decide at the split-off point. It turns out that I was short on time and water, so I stayed with the group of three that headed back on the usual route. We ended up with about 50+ miles as we avoided the last set of hills. It was a great ride, as usual, and I was glad to stay with the main group through the hills. The legs must be coming back.

Discussing the ride at the regrouping point.

On Sunday, I needed to be back home by 9:00am and it worked out great for a short AM ride with Joel from the old Brands group. He was in town for Mother's Day so we agreed to meet for a 7:00AM to 9:00AM ride. We headed up Round Swamp Road (where I flatted!) and through West Hills. We hammered back to town with a tailwind most of the way. I was home by 9:10AM. Without the flat it would have been 9:00AM on the dot! It was good to see Joel again and (of course) it was a great ride.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I did the annual "Bratwurst" century today with some of the regulars from the Early Birds. We started at the Riverhead County Center, went up to Greenport on the North fork, ferry to Shelter Island, across SI, ferry to the South fork, then through Amagansett, the Hamptons, and back to Riverhead. Total mileage: 104.22. We had great weather and a strong group of riders, about 11 of us, in all. We stopped for lunch at mile 60 in Amagansett. Gerald took a couple of photos on the ferry, so if he posts them I will put links here.

A great ride and my first century of the year. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Change of Plans Due to Rain

I headed out the door for the Early Bird ride this morning at 6:30am for a 7:30am ride start, but by the time I arrived in Manorville around 7:15am, I was in the middle of some significant rain. Temperature was also on the chilly side. I was not anticipating rain and didn't bring my vest or rain jacket. As I got off the LIE I swung right back around and headed back home, at least I could do a shorter ride and stay dry. I wasn't even sure if the EB's would be riding.

Turns out they did ride, though it turned out to be a wet one. Here is Pyzahl's report.

For me, I got home, changed into warmer clothes and did 20 miles around town, getting a good workout due to the high winds. Hopefully we will have good weather on Wednesday for the annual "Spring" century, a.k.a. the "Bratwurst". This is an unofficial ride with some of the SBRA group which sort of follows the Bike-Boat-Bike route scheduled later in the summer as an official club ride. I've done it the past two years. Last year we did the final 30 miles in pouring rain! Fingers are crossed for some good weather this year!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pre-EB Ride

Did Pyzahl's pre-EB ride again this morning. Strong group of 5 riders, or, I should say, strong group of 4 riders... plus me. I am definitely lagging on the hills but this is a friendly ride so we regrouped when necessary. Actually, one rider started to bonk about 10 miles from the end, and (surprise) it wasn't me. So, we took it pretty easy in order to keep the group together. Weather was perfect.

Here are couple of pictures from PyZahl:

Percy and Marco at Iron Pier Beach Park.

Marco and I discussing the merits of my bike, Phil and Owen in the background.

Tomorrow, the Early Birds! Real early, 7:30am.