Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bike-Boat-Bike Ride Report (PyZahl's Photos added)

PyZahl's photos here.

Some early morning fog, but otherwise a perfect day was on tap the the Suffolk Bike Riders Association annual Bike-Boat-Bike ride. There are various rides ranging from 25 miles to 137 miles. Our group settled on the 106-mile route.

We had a core group of about 8-10 riders and set out from Mattituck at 7:30am. An uneventful but very enjoyable ride out to Greenport for the first ferry. Nice fast paceline was the order of the day. Due to the number of riders expected to make the crossing to Shelter Island, they had someone selling the discounted ferry tickets in the loading area. They were extremely slow in making change and before we knew it, the ferry shoved off and left Dave S. behind. I met glennpw on the ferry and we talked about the Kreb race videos he made, including a new one he put up for the recent Empire State Games qualifier. He is also making a video of his BBB ride and I actually videod him doing a little monologue on the ferry (I'll post a link when he puts it up on (Luckily, Dave caught up to the group at the other end of Shelter Island as we waited for the ferry to the South fork.)

We let two ferries go waiting for Dave and John Y., who we missed at the start, but John didn't show so we proceeded on the next one. All I can say about the rest of the ride was that it was a fast group ride thruogh some great LI scenery! We rode through the Shinnecock golf course, past by the Big Duck, through tree covered roads. Just great.

I had no camera but if PyZahl posts a ride report, I'll link to it.

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