Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remember to Hydrate!

On Saturday, met up at Brands (LBS) for a ride with the group. We left with a group of about 14 riders. By the time we got to Round Swamp Rd., we had split into two groups and I bridged across to the first one. It was a strong group and a there were a few friendly attacks on the LIE rollers. Around mile 28, the group headed south back to Brands but I went off solo to do West Hills and try to get a few more miles and a few mor climbs in the legs in preparation for July 4th weekend (hopefully will be riding some hills upstate) and the Gold Coast century the week after that. I did the West Hills loop, another loop of the LIE rollers and then a second lap through West Hills. I had 65 miles by the time I got back to the intersection of the LIE and Round Swamp Rd. Although I took two bottles, I was almost out of water and feeling a bit light headed, to I stopped at the Mobil station on the corner for a Gatorade and a couple of oatmeal cookies before finishing off the last 10 miles to home. It was good to get 75 miles and 4 hours of saddle time. It was a nice warm (hot?) and humid day, so its not really surprising that I needed to replenish fluids enroute.

This morning (Sunday), I planned on doing my usual 50 mile loop. This time I took two water bottles instead of the usual one I have been bringing and I went through them both. Nice solo ride in good weather. Lots and lots of roadies out today, and I found myself in the middle of a charity ride on Sweet Hollow road.

I hope the weather is good upstate next weekend. Looking forward to riding some different roads!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brands Route x 2

Saturday was looking forward to actually riding the Brands route WITH the Brands group. Showed up at the shop for the 7:00am start. It was a somewhat reduced group as a lot of the regulars were doing a century ride that day. Mike W. was there and we headed out with a group of 6 riders.

We had an easy pace out to Bethpage park, then a bit of adrenaline as one rider crashed at a tricky intersection. A car was approaching, and as the rider hit the brakes, the rear wheel locked up. She went down hard and ended up with some road rash on arms and legs. I offered to ride back to the start with her but she wanted to continue the ride. So we all regrouped and continued.

I made strong efforts on the uphill sections and we regrouped after each one. When we got to the turnaround on the LIE, I decided to split off from the group (for a few reasons) and picked up the pace for the remaing 25 miles on my own. Had some post-ride soreness in my right knee for the rest of the day so I wasn't sure about what I would be up for on Sunday.

Sunday morning, and its a clear but humid day. The forcasted rain didn't appear so I fueled up with a bowl of cereal and coffee and went out for another edition of the Brands loop. Two miles into the ride I realized that I forgot my repair kit at home, so I looped back home to pick it up. Tailwinds up to the LIE and had a good pace going east. Just before the turnaround I spotted two riders ahead of me and as I caught up to them I realized it was Mike and Bob, who were also on yesterday's ride. We rode the return leg of the LIE service road together. Mike was riding the new carbon frame he built up and it looks pretty cool. Its an unbranded Wilier Le Roi frame with Ultegra SL, Deda bars and stem, and Thomson seatpost, NICE! They went south on Round Swamp Rd. while I headed north to do my little West Hills extension.

When I eventually headed south, I encountered a headwind and gray skies. It looked like rain was on the way but I made it home before anything came down. Another good weekend of training and some variations of the usual solo rides. Starting to think about getting ready for Gold Coast Century and some climbing!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Training Ride

Solo tempo ride along the Brands route and through West Hills (50 miles). Felt a bit drained this morning, maybe overtraining? Met Jamie, Mike and the (real) Brands group on the way back and joined them for the last 6 mi.

After the ride, I put a new chain on the Specialized after the old one hit about 2,600 miles. I'm trying to change it regularly every 2,500 miles and see if I can get 7,500 miles out of this cassette. I've made the mistake in the past of letting the chain go too long and ruining the cassette. 2,500 miles seems to be the common rule-of-thumb for changing a chain.

Also got a new rear tire but I'm going to give the current one another 500 miles or so. Or, I'll just change it if I start getting flats. Gave the bike a good cleaning today, too. Hope the weather is okay for a ride tomorrow morning, thunder showers predicted for this evening.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Beating the Heat

Saturday and Sunday called for 90F temps, so I wanted to head out early to beat the heat, and also, to have time for the kids soccer game and dance recitals.

Saturday, it was hazy and cool in the morning, the sun didn't poke through until about mile 30 in my 50-mile Brands/West Hills ride. Average temp was in the 60's so it was a cool, comfortable ride.

After carbo-loading most of the day on Saturday ;-), I headed out on the same route for Sunday, but this time it was hot and sunny from the start (mid 80F's). I really felt like I was flying today, so this ride was a 10 out of 10! It felt really great to ride in the warm weather!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BBB Videos

Youtube video from glennpw of his BBB ride. (I took the footage on the ferry!)

Here is a video from one of the nice people driving the SAG wagon. You can see a quick glimpse of me in the beginning, riding off of the ferry (orange East End jersey, white helmet.)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bike-Boat-Bike Ride Report (PyZahl's Photos added)

PyZahl's photos here.

Some early morning fog, but otherwise a perfect day was on tap the the Suffolk Bike Riders Association annual Bike-Boat-Bike ride. There are various rides ranging from 25 miles to 137 miles. Our group settled on the 106-mile route.

We had a core group of about 8-10 riders and set out from Mattituck at 7:30am. An uneventful but very enjoyable ride out to Greenport for the first ferry. Nice fast paceline was the order of the day. Due to the number of riders expected to make the crossing to Shelter Island, they had someone selling the discounted ferry tickets in the loading area. They were extremely slow in making change and before we knew it, the ferry shoved off and left Dave S. behind. I met glennpw on the ferry and we talked about the Kreb race videos he made, including a new one he put up for the recent Empire State Games qualifier. He is also making a video of his BBB ride and I actually videod him doing a little monologue on the ferry (I'll post a link when he puts it up on (Luckily, Dave caught up to the group at the other end of Shelter Island as we waited for the ferry to the South fork.)

We let two ferries go waiting for Dave and John Y., who we missed at the start, but John didn't show so we proceeded on the next one. All I can say about the rest of the ride was that it was a fast group ride thruogh some great LI scenery! We rode through the Shinnecock golf course, past by the Big Duck, through tree covered roads. Just great.

I had no camera but if PyZahl posts a ride report, I'll link to it.