Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Morning "Usual" Ride

Did the usual Saturday morning solo ride from home, up Round Swamp Rd. to the LIE Service Rd., out to about exit 52 and back, then through West Hills park, and back down Round Swamp Rd. Really nice autumn weather for riding. Saw a number of other cyclists, too. I brought the camera, so here are a few photos from the ride today:

Bethpage State Park golf course, watering the greens

Bethpage State Park golf course, ready for some golfers

I followed part of the Gold Coast Century route

Sweet Hills Riding Center, which is off of Sweet Hollow Rd.

Sweet Hollow Rd. climbs gently through West Hills Park

Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Day Weekend

Took advantage of the long weekend to get in three good rides:

Sat: 50 miles, Round Swamp Rd. and LIE Service Rd.
Sun: 56 miles, SBRA Early Birds, North route
Mon: 50 miles, Round Swamp Rd., LIE Servide Rd., West Hills Park

Great weather this weekend, especially today with temps in the high 70's. I picked up the camera to take a photo on the ride today but the battery needed to be recharged. So, no picture.