Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

As I did last year around this time, I though back over a year's worth of rides (and runs!) and picked out a few highlights.

1. Thw Wineglass Marathon
Number one on the list has to be running my first marathon. This is something that had been in the back of my mind since I was a kid and my Dad took us over to stand at the side of the Wantagh Parkway and watch the runners of the Long Island Marathon go by. In those days it went all the way to Jones Beach. Later, in high school, some of us from the band would bring our instruments to the side of the road and play songs to encourage the runners. I always thought that was something I would do one day.

2. Catskills Cycling Trip
A fantastic 6-day cycling immersion with great friends from EECT, SBRA, and the Early Birds. Beautiful country roads, challenging hills, and quality hours on the bike with friends. Will never forget it!

3. 2010 Highlander Cycle Tour
Such a hard day on the bike, but so great to do it again!

4. Transitioning
Finally, very much enjoying some North Shore winter rides with Mike and Rob from the Brands group.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pounding the Pavement

Continuing my weekly regimen of alternating pre-work runs and rides. Really enjoying the weekend North Shore bike rides with Mike and Rob, and a special one last week with Dan and the Mineola Bike Club. New chain and brake pads on the Specialized two weeks ago has the bike running nice and smooth. Would love to get in some longer rides but its starting to get colder. Maybe we'll get lucky with a couple of warmer days here and there.

I took the opportunity to sign up for two short running races to close out the season. Last Saturday, I did the Seaford Hot Chocolate 5k after getting back from a nice getaway to Lake Placid with Linda for our 20th Anniversary. Was pleasantly surprised to run it in a 7:21 pace, a PR for me. This morning, had another nice run at the Snowball Run 5-mile race, at a 7:29 pace. I guess the 3-4 days of running each week is paying off.

Snowball Run 2010, I am #255.

Looks like tomorrow might be a trainer day if the rainy forecast hold true.
In a couple of weeks, the marathon training begins...again!