Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Two Rides of 2006

Doing the LIE rollers on a cold, windy New Year's Eve morning.

Did the LIE service road ride yesterday and today. Wind was much more of a factor today. Strong, steady headwind for the first 20 miles and crosswinds for the rest. It was a deceptively hard ride today.

Normally I would have gone out east to do the "Trevor" ride on a Sunday morning but I just have not been riding enough to maintain the legs to go with those guys. Also, this weekend being New Year's Eve, I wanted to get home before 11:00am to help get ready for this evening's guests. If I can get a few solid weeks of solo rides, I'll give the Winter Early Birds another try.

My new Cateye Vectra bike computer has worked flawlessly on its first two rides so I'm happy about that. Aside from the occasional GPS track, I've been riding without a computer for over a month. It really helps to see your speed and distance to judge what kind of effort you are putting out on the ride.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Holidays from Harris Hill

I spent this past holiday weekend upstate. I was able to get in two nice rides, both including the tough climb up Harris Hill (see elevation profile and GPS track that I previously posted in September). I made a good choice in bringing the rain bike since the ride on Sunday was on wet roads. I did the route as posted in September, riding the flat route from Corning to Harris Hill, the steep climb up the hill, then a flat loop around the airport and back to Corning. Total was about 31 miles.

Monday’s ride was dry but I chopped-off the airport loop and finished up with about 26 miles. Tuesday was a bit too wet to ride. It was really nice to do those long climbs for a change.

I should have rode on Wednesday but didn’t. Weather was great on Long Island but I was busy catching up on other things before heading back to work today.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rider Down at the Early Birds

Met up for the Early Birds ride at Port Jefferson Station this morning. Had a super-sized breakfast in an attempt to not run out of fuel today. Ride started out at a fast pace once again but I hung with the front group without a lot of trouble. Definitely felt much stronger this time as compared to last Sunday.

Unfortunately, John S. went down very hard about half way into the ride. As the main peloton was making a sweeping right hander at speed, there was a touch of wheels and John went down very hard. It was a serious crash and we tried to keep him immobile until police and ambulance arrived. Really hate to see that happen to anyone, especially a guy like John.

Hopefully injuries don't turn out to be too serious and he will make a quick recovery.

After the crash and waiting for the ambulance, the group split in two with one group taking a shortcut back to the ride start and the second group continuing with the rest of the planned ride. I ended up in the second group but stayed in a 4-man paceline that we got working pretty well. We finished well behind the front group but we were all pretty happy with the pace. Still felt a little weak by the end of the ride. I will have to bring some power gels or something next time. The last half-hour is just really tough to get through.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Weather, Good Ride

Did a nice 48 mile "Usual" ride today. A bit windy but temperatures in the 50's and sunny. Felt good on the ride so hopefully this will carry over to the Early Birds tomorrow. Goal is not to get dropped this time! I need to bring some more food with me, I think.

Rode the trainer three mornings this week and a nice long ride this morning, so I shouldn't be as stale at the Birds tomorrow. I think it also depends who shows up.

Pyzahl posted at the SBRA forum for anyone to join him on a 100 mile ride today but we are all just a bit too busy here getting ready for the holidays. I couldn't afford to spend all day out on the bike. Not to mention that I've lost more than a little endurance over the past few weeks.

EB report tomorrow.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Got Dropped on the Early Birds Ride Today

Well, I finally got dropped on the SBRA Early Birds ride. This was not totally unexpected as I have been off the bike for the better part of two weeks. I was yoyo-ing off the back for most of the first 40 miles and finally the elastic broke.

Ride started out pretty well. We gathered at Port Jefferson Station for the 8:30am start. Temperature in the mid to high 30's, with a favorable wind for the initial easterly section of the route. I struggled over the 10-mile hilly section at the beginning as the heavy hitters set a grueling early pace that put the hurt on a lot of guys. Middle flat section was hard but I was always able to maintain contact.

As we headed back to Port Jefferson I lost contact on a hill and just had to get up it at my own pace. I hooked up with Dave and Dan who were also dropped and the three of us worked to complete the last 10 miles at a more comfortable pace. I started to feel the familar "bonk" feeling coming on and stopped the group for I minute so I could gulp down a power bar. As it was, I still struggled to finish. Even with the struggles, we finished the 53.3 miles with a 19+ mph pace. Respectable.

Man, I've got to get back in the riding groove!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Back from a 29F degree ride.

Did a 24-mile ride up Round Swamp Rd. and back this morning. Temperature was 29F. Winter is really hear now. Tried to keep spinning in an easy gear to stay warm. I think I had the right amount of gear on to stay warm: helmet, balaclava, sunglasses, long-sleeve base layer, short sleeve jersey, Pearl Izumi Barrier jacket, wind-stopper tights, Smartwool socks, bike shoes, shoe covers, 2 sets of gloves.

This is the same ride I did last Sunday. It is supposed to warm up a few degrees tomorrow so I might try to join the Early Birds. Stay tuned...

Will the real Frozone, please stand up?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekend Ride(s)?

Did an easy 30 mile spin today, up Round Swamp Rd. to West Hills and back. Leg is still a bit sore but weather was too nice not to ride. I'm sure the really cold days are coming. Not sure yet about Sunday...