Saturday, May 03, 2008

Base miles

Fueled up with a bowl of oatmeal and a big cup of coffee and headed out the door at 7:05am. Today's riding goal was to accumulate some endurance miles in preparation for two centuries that I'm planning to do this week. The unofficial "Spring Century" on Wednesday and the official SBRA "Montauk Century" next Saturday.

A cloudy, cool, and damp morning today, but what really matters is that the rain held off and I was able to get in a nice long ride on the road bike. Did the usual Brands route and West Hills extension. Felt good after that so I added a loop to Jones' Beach for a total of 60 miles.

The ride was good with only light car traffic. Wind was not bad either until I got to the Jones' Beach path, and it was really whipping across the water. SO the last 10 miles of the ride were really slow. I see they are getting the Wantagh Parkway ready for tomorrow's Long Island Marathon!

Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow morning and I will head out to do the Early Birds ride. If its raining, I'll stay closer to home. I think a lot of the EB regulars will be doing the ESG qualifier race tomorrow, so maybe it will be a bit easier ride and I won't get dropped again! ;-)

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