Sunday, May 04, 2008

50 Wet Miles

Checking out the weather forecast last night for this morning in Manorville, it called for 80% chance of rain and possible thunder. Once I saw that I pretty much wrote-off the Early Birds for today and started thinking about alternatives. Trainer? Rain bike? Road bike with rain wheels? Just ride the road bike anyway? Take a day off?

Looking out the window this morning, it was overcast and misty, but the sky didn't look dark enough for really bad weather. I also read on that it was supposed to clear up in the afternoon. So that clinched it...I settled on taking the Specialized knowing it would get muddy and grimy but I would have a chance to clean it all up in the afternoon (as I write this, the sun is already out and everything is drying up nicely). Actually, I haven't cleaned it well all winter so its the perfect time to do it now before the two big century rides this week.

Did the same route as yesterday without the Jones Beach loop. The ride turned out really well! Legs were a bit worn out from yesterday's ride and I had to be a little more careful to avoid road debris due to the rain. I ditched the vest today but wore wind-proof tights so I wouldn't freeze up from the road spray.

For some reason it seemed as though there was less traffic today. So it was kind of nice to climb steadily through the woods in West Hills hearing only the hiss of the tires on the wet roads, the birds, and the clip-clop of the horses when I passed the riding center.

As was the case yesterday, headwinds going out and tailwinds heading back, which is a good thing! As I passed over the Wantagh Parkway, I saw some of the runners doing the Long Island marathon. Other bike events today: The 5-Boro Bike Tour (30,000 riders!) and the Long Island ESG Qualifier. Looks like they both will have avoided the rain, too. Looking forward the Wednesday's century! It will be a real test!

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