Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tour de Parc Race Report (updated with results)

My first race of 2008! I signed up for the Cat. 4 race, 20 laps, about 20 miles.

Got up early this morning to find sunshine and spring-like temperatures. A nice surprise since a possibility of showers was forecast right up until last night. Had a leisurely breakfast then suited-up in my EECT kit. The race is only a couple of miles from home so I ride the bike there and picked up my number.

I headed down to Jones' Beach for a 9-mile warmup and was back just in time for the Masters 45+ race, the race before the Cat 4's. Met Dad there and chatted for a couple of minutes until some other EECT guys showed up. We rode a few loops around the park to warm up, made final pit stops, then lined up for the race. I think there were about 6 EECT guys in the race including me.

A good size field, maybe 50 riders. We got our final intructions, then we were off. We had a fast start and one rider overcooked the initial hairpin left-hander but he kept it upright on the grass and rejoined the group without a problem. Exiting the left-hander we were straight into the wind. After the small hill at the other end of the course we had a tailwind so it was a fast-paced drop back down to the finishing straight.

Aside from a handful of short-lived break attempts the group kept together, for the most part. About midway through, one rider was forced into the left-hand curb and did an endo! I think he ended up in the grass and was not seriously injured. As we got closer to the end the group got nervous and there were lots of shouts of "hold your line", or "on your right", and a few other expletives that won't be described here!

One EECT rider was in a final break of three but when his two companions dropped off, he was left alone in the wind and was reabsorbed with 2 laps to go. It ended in a bunch sprint. The EECT rider thinks he may have gotten 5th. I finished mid-pack, happy not to have been dropped and adrenaline pumping from the fast ride in the group.

Glad I did the ride and happy that the family made it out to the race. All-in-all, about 40 miles of riding on the day. Will post photos, and results later if available.

Results added this eveing. Looks like EECT took 5th and 6th in the Cat 4 race!

Cadence Tour de Parc
May 18, 2008
Wantagh, New York

Pro / 1-2-3
54 starters

1. Amaury Perez (GS Mengoni)
2. Rafael Meran (GS Mengoni)
3. Ward Solar (Nerac)
4. Lisban Quintero (CRCA/Foundation)
5. Gavin Robertson (CRCA/Foundation)
6. Tom Dolan (Sommerville Sports)
7. Anthony Lowe (WS United)
8. Edwin Morrel (TOGA)
9. Brent Arthurs (Evolution Cycling)
10. Barry Miller (Mike Fraysee)
11. Martin Lechowitz (CRCA/Foundation)
12. Jermaine Burrowes (WS United)

22 starters

1. Rebecca Wellons (NEBC/Cycle Loft)
2. Ann Marie Miller (CRCA/SanchezMetro)
3. Stacey Jensen (Kissena)
4. Sarah Sauvayre (CRCA/Comedy Central)
5. Brooke O'Connor (Hub Racing)

Category 3
53 starters

1. James Joseph (WS United)
2. Juan Pimental (CRCA/Global Locate)
3. Gary Steinberg (CRCA)
4. Patrick Gellineau (Team Squiggle)
5. Greg Olsen (CRCA/Jr. Dev)
6. Frank Negri (Colavita)
7. Marcus Dahllof (CRCA/Merril Lynch)
8. Douglas Dicks (Bennetts Bikes/FDNY)

Category 4
56 starters

1. Aessandro Matteucci (BVF)
2. Edward Zimmerman (CRCA/Die Hard)
3. Shusaku Sheroyama (Kissena)
4. Eric Robertson (Kissena)
5. Charlie Rey (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
6. Lawrence Uhrlass (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
7. Mark Spottiswoord (GBSC/Babylon Bike)
8. Guy Weinmann (Kissena)

Masters 35+
40 starters

1. Wilson Vasquez (GS Mengoni)
2. Jan Micko (GBSC)
3. Matthew Howard (CRCA/Bandit Racing)
4. Robert Lattanzi (CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale)
5. David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports)
6. John Raheb (Unatt)
7. Kurt Gustafsson (CRCA/Axis)
8. Gregory Lee (CRCA)

Masters 45+
24 starters

1. Scott Willingham (CRCA/SanchezMetro)
2. Jan Micko (GBSC)
3. Ken Plundeke (CRCA/Global Locate)
4. Gregory Lee (CRCA)
5. Jerry Martinez (CRCA/Global Locate)

Category 5

1. Neil Bezdek (Breakaway)
2. Brian Breash (Unatt)
3. Akin Dorsett (Pedaller's Paradise)
4. James Stevens (Unatt)
5. Christopher Clark (CRCA)

Thanks to all the officials, registration volunteers and Robert for pacing all day. A special thanks to Cadence Cycling for supporting the Kissena Cycling Club Races.

Charlie Issendorf
Race Director
Kissena Cycling Club

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