Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Two Rides of 2006

Doing the LIE rollers on a cold, windy New Year's Eve morning.

Did the LIE service road ride yesterday and today. Wind was much more of a factor today. Strong, steady headwind for the first 20 miles and crosswinds for the rest. It was a deceptively hard ride today.

Normally I would have gone out east to do the "Trevor" ride on a Sunday morning but I just have not been riding enough to maintain the legs to go with those guys. Also, this weekend being New Year's Eve, I wanted to get home before 11:00am to help get ready for this evening's guests. If I can get a few solid weeks of solo rides, I'll give the Winter Early Birds another try.

My new Cateye Vectra bike computer has worked flawlessly on its first two rides so I'm happy about that. Aside from the occasional GPS track, I've been riding without a computer for over a month. It really helps to see your speed and distance to judge what kind of effort you are putting out on the ride.

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