Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Holidays from Harris Hill

I spent this past holiday weekend upstate. I was able to get in two nice rides, both including the tough climb up Harris Hill (see elevation profile and GPS track that I previously posted in September). I made a good choice in bringing the rain bike since the ride on Sunday was on wet roads. I did the route as posted in September, riding the flat route from Corning to Harris Hill, the steep climb up the hill, then a flat loop around the airport and back to Corning. Total was about 31 miles.

Monday’s ride was dry but I chopped-off the airport loop and finished up with about 26 miles. Tuesday was a bit too wet to ride. It was really nice to do those long climbs for a change.

I should have rode on Wednesday but didn’t. Weather was great on Long Island but I was busy catching up on other things before heading back to work today.

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