Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rider Down at the Early Birds

Met up for the Early Birds ride at Port Jefferson Station this morning. Had a super-sized breakfast in an attempt to not run out of fuel today. Ride started out at a fast pace once again but I hung with the front group without a lot of trouble. Definitely felt much stronger this time as compared to last Sunday.

Unfortunately, John S. went down very hard about half way into the ride. As the main peloton was making a sweeping right hander at speed, there was a touch of wheels and John went down very hard. It was a serious crash and we tried to keep him immobile until police and ambulance arrived. Really hate to see that happen to anyone, especially a guy like John.

Hopefully injuries don't turn out to be too serious and he will make a quick recovery.

After the crash and waiting for the ambulance, the group split in two with one group taking a shortcut back to the ride start and the second group continuing with the rest of the planned ride. I ended up in the second group but stayed in a 4-man paceline that we got working pretty well. We finished well behind the front group but we were all pretty happy with the pace. Still felt a little weak by the end of the ride. I will have to bring some power gels or something next time. The last half-hour is just really tough to get through.

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