Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Weather, Good Ride

Did a nice 48 mile "Usual" ride today. A bit windy but temperatures in the 50's and sunny. Felt good on the ride so hopefully this will carry over to the Early Birds tomorrow. Goal is not to get dropped this time! I need to bring some more food with me, I think.

Rode the trainer three mornings this week and a nice long ride this morning, so I shouldn't be as stale at the Birds tomorrow. I think it also depends who shows up.

Pyzahl posted at the SBRA forum for anyone to join him on a 100 mile ride today but we are all just a bit too busy here getting ready for the holidays. I couldn't afford to spend all day out on the bike. Not to mention that I've lost more than a little endurance over the past few weeks.

EB report tomorrow.

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