Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Two Rides of 2007

Was going to ride on Monday, January 1st since I had off from work but the weather didn't cooperate. So, first two rides of the new year were yesterday and today.

Saturday was unbelievable warm for NY in January. I rode in temps of the low 60's (it eventually got into the 70's later when the sun came out). Roads were wet in the morning due to overnight rain so I set out for 40 miles out on the LIE service road with the rain bike (80's Trek 520 touring bike that I got for free when it was being thrown out by a neighbor). A good ride, if a little damp. Got a flat at mile 25 (first flat I've gotten on a ride since August at the Tour of the Hamptons).

Trek 520 rain/commuter bike

Same ride today. It was dry but about 15 degrees cooler. Bike used was my Specialized Allez Pro, my "number one".

Specialized Allez

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