Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Pair

Two great riding days last weekend, and looks like two more this weekend!

Last weekend I planned on racing the Cedar Creek Criterium Cat 4 race. Not wanting to limit myself to 25 miles of riding on such a nice day weatherwise, I did the Saturday morning Brands group ride but kept an easier pace with the "B" group and mostly followed wheels until it was time to head to the race start. I watched Dan and Toni from the Mineola Bike Shop ride do the Cat 5 race, Dan getting an excellent 3rd place!

Meeting up with 4 GAB riders, including Pyzahl, we lined up for our race. Everything going great for 2 laps, until on the hairpin turn on lap 3, a rider in front of me goes down. I have to stop to avoid hitting him. By the time I get going again, the peloton is gone. I time-trialed for 12 laps on my own but finally got pulled as the the group was getting ready to lap me. Frustrating to continue my streak of DNS and DNF in race events (that I paid for!).

Made up for it on Sunday with a great ride with the Mineola crew. Finished with Dan and Toni as we hit the Stillwell and Picardy climbs, following some of the Triangle route.

Today was an awesome throwdown on the Brands ride, group of 4 going away on Rouns Swamp. Mike W. looking very strong to catch back on on LIE eastbound. I took a little flyer at the end heading back to Brands. Felt good to air out the legs a little.

Tomorrow, just an early solo ride in the morning then planning to head to Jones Beach with the family to watch the annual Memorial Day airshow. Blue ANgels this year! Here is a little video from the last time we went.

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