Monday, July 05, 2010

Catskills Cycling Trip 2010

Spent six days cycling in the Catskills with friends. Here is some ride info for each day and a few photos. All photos and Garmin data from Pyzahl. Thank you Percy!

Day 1: Big Indian - Windham
66 miles, 4325 ft. elevation gain

Day 2: Andes - Delancy
96 miles, 5781 ft. elevation gain

Day 3: Woodstock and Rhinebeck
50 miles, recovery day

Day 4: Rapha New Paltz

114 miles, 8305 ft. elevation gain
The Rapha ride that was the basis for our route.

Day 5: Phoenecia - Tannersville
55 miles, 3468 ft. elevation gain

Day 6: Hunter
60 miles (12 on my own), 4598 ft. elevation gain


PyZahl said...

nice selection :-)

nickm said...

Thanks, Percy! I'm very grateful that you documented this trip and shared everything on-line.

Rooster said...

Posted your adventure to the site. Very impressed with your trip. Email me when you'll be riding here again!