Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Brats Report

... as in the "Bratwurst" Century.

So after some scheduling and weather issues, the ride finally went off this morning but with a light turnout most likely due to the weather forecast. Rain was being predicted all day until the final weather report I checked last night which showed that the rain would likely be finished by the 8:00 AM ride start.

I got up early to get myself and the bike prepared, and headed out to Riverhead in a light misty rain. Eight of us met up for the ride: me, George, John and Robin, Phil, Dan, Tom M., and Dave on his tri-bike (I remember him from last year, too). We kitted up and got going right around 8:00 AM. Roads were damp at the start but mostly dried up after a couple of hours. Thankfully, we did not get one drop of rain!

First flat at mile 15, but John fixed it quickly and we motored on to the Greenport ferry. George and Dave took some long pulls but said goodbye at the ferry and headed back to Riverhead, while the remaining six of us sailed over to Shelter Island. Phil discovered a flat tire just as we rolled off the ferry. Once we got going again, John took the direct Rt. 114 to the south ferry while the other five of us tried to follow the BBB indirect route. We missed a turn and got lost for a couple of miles but eventually got ourselves to the south ferry terminal. Great scenery on Shelter Island, as usual, even with the overcast skies.

We met up with John and took our ferry ride to the South fork, rolling through Sag Harbor. The paceline working like a well oiled machine, steady pace around 20-22 MPH, very comfortable with a favorable wind. Some flooded roads but passable on the bikes. Dan flatted at mile 45, but with the roads mostly dried out by now, it would be the last one for the day.

We made the usual lunch stop in the Hamptons at mile 64, a little chilly as we sat outside eating but once we got rolling again we warmed up quickly. As often happens, we made the route up as we went through the Hamptons and then finally hooked up with the EB route for the final 15 or so miles back to Riverhead. A couple of us went out for another couple of miles, just to get the odometer to tick over 100.

It turned out to be a really nice ride, and the weather (thankfully) cooperated. I felt good during the ride, and I think that was the best I ever felt at the end of a century. I felt like I could have knocked out another 50 miles, no problem. First century of the season done, can't wait for the next one!

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