Saturday, May 08, 2010

Finding Some Motivation

While running is on the back-burner for a couple of weeks, I've found some new motivation to get back on the bike. Last weekend I was determined to spend all of the "marathon" energy I accumulated out on the bike. Did a fast 50-mile ride early on Saturday morning, then a long 84-miler on Sunday. Half of Sunday's ride was on my own and half was with Dan A. and others at the Mineola Bike Club. Both were challenging rides in their own way and I felt tired but satisfied that I left "everything out on the road".

I rode 4 out of 5 days before work this week, getting back into the old routine. Everything feeling good on the bike.

If it hadn't been for Mike W.'s text message yesterday, I probably would have woke up this morning, saw the wet roads, and skipped my ride. Although the weather cleared up as the day wore on, if I don't get the ride in early, I usually don't get it in at all. So, big THANK YOU to Mike for the motivation to get out there. As it turns out, I met Mike, Rob, and Bob at 6:15 AM at the shop and we did a modified Brands Ride, returning on Vanderbilt Rd. for some variation and a few little hills to attack. It was a great ride with good intensity!

Mike's GPS track:

Tomorrow's motivation, in the face of some predicted 30 MPH winds, is the annual Tour de Parc, in Cedar Creek. This year I just registered for the Master's 45+ Criterium (it is Mother's Day, after all!) but am looking forward to the first race of the year and to seeing a lot of the EECT and Green Arm Bandits at the race, most of whom I've ridden with many times at the Early Birds and various centuries on and off Long Island. I have no illusions of placing but maybe I can work for the EECT Team. My simple goal: DON'T GET DROPPED!

Finally, the annual Spring (Bratwurst) Century is leaving from Riverhead on Wednesday. A loosely organized, unsupported century ride out on the North Fork, across Shelter Island, and back to Riverhead on the South Fork. I have the day off from work, but the weather report is not looking too good at the moment. We'll have to see how that develops. If the weather cooperates, I'm sure it will be a great ride as it has been in years past. Again, a good opportunity to reconnect with some riding friends who I haven't seen since last season. Can't wait!

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