Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Training Ride

Solo tempo ride along the Brands route and through West Hills (50 miles). Felt a bit drained this morning, maybe overtraining? Met Jamie, Mike and the (real) Brands group on the way back and joined them for the last 6 mi.

After the ride, I put a new chain on the Specialized after the old one hit about 2,600 miles. I'm trying to change it regularly every 2,500 miles and see if I can get 7,500 miles out of this cassette. I've made the mistake in the past of letting the chain go too long and ruining the cassette. 2,500 miles seems to be the common rule-of-thumb for changing a chain.

Also got a new rear tire but I'm going to give the current one another 500 miles or so. Or, I'll just change it if I start getting flats. Gave the bike a good cleaning today, too. Hope the weather is okay for a ride tomorrow morning, thunder showers predicted for this evening.

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