Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remember to Hydrate!

On Saturday, met up at Brands (LBS) for a ride with the group. We left with a group of about 14 riders. By the time we got to Round Swamp Rd., we had split into two groups and I bridged across to the first one. It was a strong group and a there were a few friendly attacks on the LIE rollers. Around mile 28, the group headed south back to Brands but I went off solo to do West Hills and try to get a few more miles and a few mor climbs in the legs in preparation for July 4th weekend (hopefully will be riding some hills upstate) and the Gold Coast century the week after that. I did the West Hills loop, another loop of the LIE rollers and then a second lap through West Hills. I had 65 miles by the time I got back to the intersection of the LIE and Round Swamp Rd. Although I took two bottles, I was almost out of water and feeling a bit light headed, to I stopped at the Mobil station on the corner for a Gatorade and a couple of oatmeal cookies before finishing off the last 10 miles to home. It was good to get 75 miles and 4 hours of saddle time. It was a nice warm (hot?) and humid day, so its not really surprising that I needed to replenish fluids enroute.

This morning (Sunday), I planned on doing my usual 50 mile loop. This time I took two water bottles instead of the usual one I have been bringing and I went through them both. Nice solo ride in good weather. Lots and lots of roadies out today, and I found myself in the middle of a charity ride on Sweet Hollow road.

I hope the weather is good upstate next weekend. Looking forward to riding some different roads!

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