Saturday, April 12, 2008

Old School, Baby!

Warm weather this morning but wet roads and threat of rain today. I decided to take the rain bike (1980's Trek 520, heavy steel touring bike). Switched out the cage pedals for the Shimano's from my Specialized and headed out for the LIE route.

I was looking forward to at least 40 miles, and hopefully more! Saw a notice on the SBRA web site about this year's spring century (a.k.a. the Bratwurst Century) that is traditionally on a Tuesday in April or May, leaving from Riverhead, going up the North Fork, across Shelter Island and back to Riverhead via the South Fork. I really want to do this ride and need to get some miles on the legs!

Ate a Clif bar at mile 20 and was still feeling strong when I got back to Round Swamp Rd., so I headed North and looped through West Hills Park. The old Trek did okay, and the ride was sort of "old school" with a steel bike, downtube shifters, 6-speed cassette and 27x1-1/4 tires. No computer on this bike so ride speed was strictly by "feel". Of course, this is 2008 so I had my cell phone, GPS, and CO2 inflater in my jersey pocket!

Downtube shifters

Quill stem

Reynolds 531 steel frame

Lugged construction

The sun peeked out for a while and the roads began to dry up. Used my new shorts from Performance today and they worked out fine. I think this was the first ride in shorts this year. Just a baselayer and jersey on top.

No significant wind and I felt pretty good on the climbs, even with the heavy bike. West Hills was nice and scenic and I saw some kids taking horseback riding lessons at the stables there.

Just like last Saturday, would like to do the same ride tomorrow, hopefuly the weather will cooperate.

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PyZahl said...

Nick, you better turn that "Comment approval" and additional checks on to prevent that stupid people out there from messing around w. spam. I really hate these a**holes - but we have to live with them. (you better remove the junk comment)

BTW, nice oldie velo :-)

Keep up the miles and hang on...