Saturday, April 05, 2008

Finally, some great cycling weather!

Mid to high 50's today, some early clouds turning into bright sunshine. Rain all day on Friday threatened for this morning but it ended up holding off and it turned out to be a great riding day.

Last weekend I did two short 20-milers to Jones Beach to break the ice. Temperatures were still in the 30's, so they were cold and windy affairs. Today, all I needed were knickers, a base layer, and jersey to stay warm as opposed to last weekend's baselayer, jacket, full shoe covers, ski gloves, balaclava, windproof tights, etc.

Did the usual 40-mile "Brands" ride down the LIE service road. Nice tailwind heading out! I felt surprisingly good after so little riding this year and didn't need to eat during the ride, which was a good sign. I think the big waffle breakfast that Tina and I had this morning helped!

Speed distribution of today's ride, looks sort of B+ level.

Pyzahl was planning a century today and invited me along but I had to decline, knowing that I'm not in shape for that distance yet. Great for them (too bad for me), looks like it was a great day for it.

Here is the GPS track of the ride. Hope to do the same tomorrow!

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