Sunday, April 20, 2008

Early Birds, North

Joined the Early Birds ride out of Manorville this morning. A bit colder than yesterday. About 1/3 of us in shorts, the rest in tights, knickers, or leg warmers. The usual strong pace but not killer. Wind was a factor for the first half of the ride but the group stayed together unil Penny Lane and the tanks.

I seemed to get dropped at every hill, so the climbing legs are definitely not back. Caught back up to the group as they waited at the first regrouping spot. A quick stop to refuel in Cutchogue, where we almost lost Pyzahl as he got caught by some traffic. The group slowed to get all back together.

Pyzahl snapped this shot just as the group was heading out from the Cutchogue deli stop (I'm the orange jersey on the left).

(Check out Pyzahl's ride report.)

We had a fast tailwind-assisted return to Rt. 51, where I preceeded to get dropped again, this time, for good. Dave S. and I worked together most of the way down 51 but when we turned on to 111, I didn't see Dave to I rode in the last few miles solo. Arrived at the lot just as some of the first guys were leaving!

A good challenging ride, good to meet up with the guys who I haven't seen in 6 or 7 months. A wake-up call in terms of where I am in my overall bike fitness. Gotta do some hills!

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PyZahl said...

Yeah, was a nice ride and good group as usual. Yes thx to them to allow me get back on after the Deli photo and traffic jam o-)

I need some resting days... to get power back to hang on at the sprints o-) Toooo many miles are not so good either.