Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trying to Build

We had a major snowstorm last week but I've been able to keep the training streak alive. Monday, regular Jones Beach morning ride. Back-to-back runs, Tuesday and Wednesday (in the snow, beginning of the storm). Thursday, too much snow to ride or run outside, so did a trainer workout. Another run on Friday to cap-off the work week.

Really itching to do some 2+ hour training this weekend to start building back some endurance. Was worried about snow and ice on the roads for cycling but roads looked pretty clear and I went out for 41 miles on the bike on a cold Saturday morning. It was cloudy and sort of bleak, but mission accomplished. My bike is a few years old, not top-shelf, so I'm not really squeamish about taking it out for a ride in messy conditions. I've got a nice box of parts in the basement to give it a little tune-up once we get into the nice spring weather (new chainrings, brake pads, chain, and cassette).

Sunday, I did a long run, 13.4 miles. Again, cold and windy, but this time the sun was out. Put the iPod on and got into a nice rhythm for for the first 6.5 miles. Ran up to Bethpage Park on the same route that I would normally ride on the bike. A little too much car traffic for my taste but I'm sure the Jones Beach path is still probably choked with a foot of snow, so I had to make due. Fighting a headwind on the way back. I think this is about as far as I can go comfortably without additional food and water, so I might try and carry some sports drink as I move to longer runs. Or, possibly loop back home in the middle of a long run to grab a drink and some fuel.

Off tomorrow for President's day. Hoping to get on the bike again if the weather is decent.


Todd said...

"so I'm not really squeamish about taking it out for a ride in messy conditions"

I am squeamish! :)

nickm said...

If I had your bike, Todd, I would be too!