Sunday, February 07, 2010

Running is Back on the Program

After 2 weeks off to let my hamstring heal-up (really more like 3 weeks, just one failed attempt in there) I started running again this past week. So far, so good. Did three early morning runs before work Monday (3.3 miles), Wednesday (5.8 miles), and Friday (5.5 miles). Staying close to home in case of problems. Pattern has been that the hamstring feels tight for first three miles, then starts to feel better the longer I go.

Saturday, I hoped to do a long ride on the bike but it was windy and snowing in the morning. Didn't want to push the running legs so I just did 45 minutes of intervals on the trainer.

This morning, 19F temps and wind, so I opted for a run over the bike. Supposed to warm up later but I hate riding around here once the roads are filled with cars. Instead, I did a few stretches then headed out at 6:00 AM for a nice run. Contemplated a run to Jones Beach but decided, again, to stay local in case the leg started acting up. I did two laps of my usual 5.5 mile morning run. Despite the cold and wind, I felt pretty good. I can always feel the hamstring but it acts like a reminder not to push too hard and keep in control. Was psyched to get this long run in. Now to build on it...

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