Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time Slicing

These past two weeks, continued to split my workouts between running and cycling. Last weekend, reached a new running milestone with a 17-mile run, longest I've done so far.

More snow during the week but the roads were clear for a 13-mile run on Saturday morning, followed by a great 50-mile cycle this morning. Lots of runners (and a few cyclists were out, especially on Round Swamp Rd.) As I climbed through West Hills on wet roads, I felt/heard a grating sound from the rear of the bike. A piece of gravel had gotten lodged in my rear brake pad, carving a nice groove in my braking surface. I stopped to clean it out and was pleasantly surprised when a motorist stopped to check if I was okay. I thanked her and told her I was fine. I thought that was nice!

This weekend capped off a good month. February 1st was my first run back after 3 weeks off recovering from my hamstring injury and I'm happy to have gotten back to where I was before the injury. Maybe a little slower but the endurance is there, at least on the running side of things. Since then, I managed to do some kind of workout everyday.



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