Friday, September 08, 2006

Losing Daylight on Morning Rides

Its been getting dark in the mornings and I've started riding with
headlight and taillight on my pre-work morning loop to Jones Beach. I've been using my low power LED headlight Nite Rider Ultra Fazer 3.0) so I'm more visible to cars and to provide some light for the first 15 minutes of my ride until the sun starts to come up.

In another week or two I'm going to have to break out the Nite Hawk halogen and its big batterty pack so I can get enough light on the path to see.

Two problems with the Nite Hawk:
1) I only have one mount so I need to decide which bike to put in on (the Specialized or the Trek)
2) the battery pack distorts the bottle cage so I'm concerned it might break the new lightweight cages I just put on the Specialized

It looks like I will mount it on the Trek and it will become the default "winter/morning" bike.

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