Thursday, September 14, 2006

Century Gear

I’m starting to gather my gear together for The Highlander on Saturday as I will be leaving straight from work on Friday to drive upstate. Ride start is 7:00am on Saturday and I will have about 1 hour drive to get there from from Corning and register. So, here is a list of what I will bring on the ride. Based on last year’s experience, when I only found two of the expected 5 rest stops, I’m going to bring a bit of extra food and, possibly and extra water bottle. Also, this century is in a rural area so if I get stranded by a mechanical it may be a while before I can get a SAG pickup. When I pull out of the ride start I will be carrying the following:

- 3 Clif Bars
- 2 bottles of Performance energy drink
- 1 extra bottle of water in a jersey pocket (maybe)
- GPS unit
- Plastic bag with cue sheet, clipped to my handlebars
- Seat bag containing 2 spare tubes, tire levers, 3 CO2 catridges, CO2 inflater, patch kit, emergency tire boot
- Cell phone
- Money for food and drink in case I need to refill and there is no rest stop around
- Mini pump

Based on the weather forecast, I expect to be wearing:

- Short sleeve jersey
- Undershirt
- Bib shorts
- Arm warms (if less than 60F at start)
- Cycling socks
- Cycling shoes
- Helmet
- Short finger gloves
- sunglasses

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