Sunday, November 07, 2010


Now that the the big push for the marathon is over, I've started transitioning into winter "maintenance" mode. Trying to get into a routine for a couple of months before I decide where the next cycling/running focus should be. Probably will be the Bratwurst Century in April or May, and possibly taking another shot at the LI Marathon in early May. There is plenty of time to decide.

For the past few weeks I've been getting my 45 minutes of running or cycling in before work, then some longer efforts on the weekends. Did a couple of 13 milers running and some 50-60 mile rides. I've really been looking forward to some early morning Sunday rides to the North Shore with Mike and Rob. Great workouts! We met Jimmy today and went out to Centre Island, somewhere I've never been before.

Mike took this photo of us at a short nutrition break in Centre Island. From left, me, Jimmy, and Rob.

Here is the route from Mike's Garmin.

Signed up for the Snowball Run 5-miler in December. Hopefully a little warmer than last year's 23F!

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