Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer Already?

Was away for the Easter holiday weekend (3 days). Was pleasantly surprised to encounter some summer-like weather in Corning, temperatures in the 70F's every day. Was looking forward to some long rides/runs and was not disappointed.

Saturday, got up early for a 65-mile ride through the Savona hills to Keuka Lake and back. First half of the ride was GREAT, a bright, sunny day. I felt surprisingly good on the few steep hills mid-ride, given my lower than normal mileage this year (trading half of my cycling time for running). After descending into Hammondsport for the 30-mile return leg, the situation changed. I was fighting a strong, steady headwind back. Two hours of grinding against that wind! A bit harder ride than I wanted.

Sunday was a run day. Before yesterday's ride, I thought this would be the chance to finally get in a 20-mile run before the LI Marathon. Not to be. Was a little drained from Saturday and having some sinus issues, so I only managed 15. On the plus side, it was a sub-9 minute pace, which is encouraging. Then had a great Easter day with the family.

Finally, Monday morning before heading back to LI, did my usual 30-mile Harris Hill loop. Felt very good on the climb! Another 30 miles on the bike.

Really happy to get those three solid days in. Need to try for the 20-mile run next weekend.

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