Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Track... I Hope!

Was planning on a Brands rise this morning but checked the weather last night and it was not looking too great for a bike ride this morning. I decided to switch my running and biking plans. Did a run this morning and planning on a bike ride tomorrow morning.

Although I'm not following any set training plan, I have taken a brief look at some "1st marathon" training plans on the net and there is a theme of doing your last long training run about three weeks before the actual marathon, then tapering down to the final couple of days were there is two rest days before the marathon. By coincidence, that is sort of how it worked out for me. Did 20 last weekend, 17 today, planning for about 10 next weekend, then a couple of short morning runs the week before the race.

To be honest, I was going to go for another 20-miler today but I stupidly did not drink on my 17-mile run and was starting to cramp-up a little at the end, so I called it a day at 17. Before that, was feeling a bit better than last weekend. Weather was cool and damp, but the wind was a lot lighter than last weekend.

Tomorrow, hope to get out for a bike ride. Planning to try something new, meeting the Mineola Bike Club for a ride out to Sand's Point. Was invited by ride leader Dan Aviles, who is also my daughter's HS music teacher. We talked bikes on the Spain trip and I thought it would be cool to do a ride together.


Dawn said...

Keep up the great work Nick. You are so inspirational.

nickm said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Dawn! I really appreciate it.