Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monkey Wrench

Had to change the workout plans this week. I've been alternating between cycling and running this winter. Was looking forward to a nice long run last Sunday, despite temperatures in the teens. I had a goal of 10 miles. The run started out fine and I headed to the Jones Beach bike path, listening to my iPod and waiting for Nike+ to tell me when I reached the halfway point. At 5 miles, felt pretty good and turned back. Around this time, hamstring in my left leg started to get painful. I tried to run through it but by mile 6.8 it was too tender to run. I walked home the final 3.2 miles. Been unable to run since then.

So...back to full-time bike rider! Did the usual pre-dawn bike path loop before work Monday through Thursday. On Friday, I decided to test the running legs. Nope, still too sore. I'm signed up for the LI Marathon on May 2nd and really need to get some miles under my belt but I feel like if I push the running too soon it will just mean another injury and more weeks of training lost.

A warmish 40F this morning, perfect for a long bike ride. My start was delayed by 15 minutes when I found I had a flat rear-tire on the Specialized. I changed the tube but in my haste to get moving, I didn't seat the tube properly and popped it while pumping up to pressure. Off with the tire again, installed another tube more carefully this time and finally got going by 7:45 AM.

Rode my usual 50-mile training route, from Wantagh, up to Round Swamp Rd., LIE Service Rd. to Crooked Hill Rd., back to Round Swamp, North through West Hills Preserve, then home. Felt okay on the ride, didn't expect much since my last 50-mile ride was December 13th! No speed records today but nice to ride in the sunshine.

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