Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Year in Review

Had a great year cycling in 2009 and picked up a new activity, running, which I hope to improve upon in 2010. I met my overall goals in terms of mileage on the bike (7,700 outdoor miles, goal was 6,000). This year I leaned more to long distance rides (did 15 centuries) and less emphasis on racing (only 3 races this year).

Still loving the bike but looking for some new challenges and alternatives, for instance its easier to travel with a pair of sneakers and some running shorts instead of the bike and everything that goes with it. I'm still working on striking the best balance between running and cycling, but I don't think I can really go wrong as long as I enjoy doing both.

Some of this year's highlights:

1. My 200-mile solo ride from Middletown to Corning

2. My 5th Highlander Cycle Tour

3. Being part of the Brand's 55th Anniversary Ride

4. Picturesque TOSREC Century

5. East Island Ride with Mike

Looking forward to more in 2010!

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