Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tour of the Hamptons 2009 Ride Report

Drove out to Southampton this morning for the Tour of the Hamptons bike ride. Met up with a bunch of the Early Birds to do the 100-mile route. A bunch of new faces too, so we had over 20 riders in our group. Also met Harvey and Matt (from the Brands group) at the registration table. They headed out at the official 7:30 AM start time, our big group went out at 8:00 AM.

Fast pacelines, even with the wind. We did the 106.5 mile route with a 20.8 MPH average speed. New rest stop location confused us. We skipped the first stop at mile 20, thinking it was too early. We didn't realize as we headed out to Montauk Pt. that we wouldn't hit the next one until mile 60! Last one at mile 96! Finally, we were pulled in the last 6 miles by a couple riding a road tandem (at 20+ MPH), which was kind of cool!

Great ride, weather cooperated, a little wind but lots of riders to share the work. Good EB group. Was a lot of fun!


PyZahl said...

To bad, I missed that fun. I stayed with my previously posted RP2IPBP ride lead -- did not wanted to cancel it, had a small but fine group. Some how did not yet made it to the Hamptons Tour...
However, got home by 11 and worked on that major SBRA WWW project move what needed to be done as well, and got it done over night -- counting on for a wash out EBs, even I woke up at 5 and double checked on the rain... And slept in to catch up on some sleep :-)
I promise, I am in for TDH 2010 ;-)

nickm said...

Great job on the website! Maybe see you on the TOSREC in October.