Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early Morning Escape

After the mental and physical challenge of last weekend's Highlander, a busy week at work, and a somewhat "confused" Brands ride on Saturday, I was in the mood for one of those quiet rides, just getting in the "zone" for two or three hours. Decided to do an early morning solo ride on my tried and true Brands/West Hills training route. The morning was decidedly cool, mid 50's temp. Started to warm up once the sun got above the trees. Turned out be be a nice, mind-soothing workout. Here are a couple of photos from the ride.

Quaker Meeting House (built 1684), and little attached cemetary, just getting lit by the morning sun.

Golfers on Bethpage Black, waiting for the sprinklers to finish so they can get on the green and putt.

Tree-lined Sweet Hollow Road, in West Hills preserve.


Todd said...

Nice photos Nick.

nickm said...

Thanks, Todd. Did you and Harvey do the North Shore ride on Sunday?

Todd said...

Yes we did. Woo Hill and Sagamore.... 50 miles for the day.
I'll be away this weekend but Harvey is looking to do the Tour the Hamptons. I think Mike might be iterested too.