Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gold Coast Ride Report

Just back from the Gold Coast ride. I ended up with 115 miles as I rode to the start and headed home before the official ride end when the route came back down near Round Swamp Rd. At least I saved a couple of gallons of gas! One of the harder centuries on LI, due to the hills.

After riding to the start at BAE Systems in Greenlawn, I met up with the EB group and we headed out. Perfect riding weather and a challenging route. We kept it all together until the 2nd rest stop where most riders split off to follow the 70 mile route. Seven of us continued on with the 100 mile route. Kept fueled with Gatorade, PB&J sandwiches, bananas, and GORP (good old raisins and peanuts).

I was pleasantly surprised to meet up a few times with Mike W and Bob from the Brands group who were riding together on the 70 mile route. Good to see them doing well on the ride.

After the 3rd rest stop, and climbing steep Avery Rd., I split off alone on Rt. 25 to head home. I already had my hundred miles and cruised the last 15 home down Round Swamp Rd. Now showered, bagel, coffee, and fruit to refuel and watching some Tour de France highlights on TV. Feeling a bit battered, and so is my bike. Some really rough pavement on this ride. I feel like I really absorbed a beating from the road. Not to mention, someone knocked over my bike at the last rest stop, but no damage.

Percy had his camera along, as usual, so I'll link to his photos if he posts them.

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