Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brands Ride Takes it Up a Notch!

I thought today might be an easy day, but the Brands ride turned out be a bit of a hammerfest today. I started off with a solo ride to the beach then arrived at the Brands lot to do the usual Saturday group ride. After about a dozen riders assembled, we rolled out at an easy pace as everyone warmed up. Things broke up a little on the long rise up Round Swamp Rd.

On to the LIE service road and it was still together until Dix Hills. Four of us broke away on a short steep climb, then one strong rider pulled us along most of the way to the turnaround point. With four strong riders, we didn't wait for the group and got a good paceline going back into the wind. At the next steep climb, I got away with one other rider and the two of us hammered our way back to Brands for the last 15 or 18 miles. Around the Bethpage golf course, we caught up with some of the original remnants of the starting group so them must have turned back early.

The two of us arrived back at Brands, big smiles and handshakes on a good fast ride. Also impressive was that my ride companion did the Riverhead races lastr night. Can't believe he had that much left in his legs. In summary a hard, fast ride witha grand total of 51 miles. Lots of fun!

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