Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter Weather is Here

After trading some e-mails with Mike and Bob during the week, we had tentative plans for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was wet due to leftover rain from Friday night. I went to Brands at 7:00am but there were no other takers. I did a solo 24 miles up to the LIE and back. I rode the rain bike, along with a rain jacket, think it might turn into a wet ride. The roads were wet but only got a little dizzle the last five miles of the ride.

Sunday, we met up at Brands earlier than usual (6:30am) as some of the guys had other commitments for the day. It was a cold one, 35F at the start. Everyone broke out the cold weather gear for this one. For me it was: full shoe covers, balaclava in head/ears configuration, ski gloves, AMFib bib tights, and winter riding jacket. I thought I might be a little over-dressed, since I wear this outfit down to 20F, but it worked out well. We rode at an easy pace and overheating was not a problem at all. We kept the group together and, as the sun came up, got to enjoy the remnants of the LI fall foliage. On the return leg, Bob had a mechanical when his front derailleur cable slipped out of the bolt but it was not dragging and he was able to ride it in with no problems. Nice tailwind on the way home, too!

I'm off from work on Monday too but no riding plans at this point.

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