Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another "Light" Riding Week

Skipped ride on Saturday morning due to a late night out for dinner on Friday night and some dreary weather on Saturday morning.

Since it was a whole week with no ride, I was not really up for a "sufferfest" at Trevor's ride so I headed to Brands to meet Mike and Bob for an easier pace. That didn't quite work out as I had some time constraints and we were a little late starting out. I did solo 40 miles up the LIE service road and back. A total of only 95 miles for the past two weekends! Not good.

I think I will try to hit the trainer this week and prepare myself for Trevor's, next weekend. Part of the problem is that it starts one hour later than EB, so its a long day when coming from Nassau county. :-(


PyZahl said...

sufferfest.... sounds funny to me, but sure this ride is a my limits at times o-)

Where are you hiding.....? I will try to get routine in my "easy A" Saturday pre Trevors RP2IPBP ride -- well never know, this time it was actually Trevors ride what was "easy" in comparison, even much faster but no wind as yesterday... and a nice constant moving group of the usual birds only ;-)

Check out The new USCC A riders forum for more ride infos!

nickm said...

Thanks for the comment! I did Trevor's ride three times last winter and got dropped twice so I am reluctant to join this year when I have not been putting in the miles to keep myself at that level. Perhaps I will try it with the slower group.

Maybe the main issue is that it starts later than EB, which means I am not home until after 12:00 noon, which is late.

Yes, weather today seemed great for a ride! I hope you will post RP2IPBP on the SBRA forum. Maybe I can join you for a couple of those rides.

I will also check out USCC. Thanks again for the note!

PyZahl said...

I may post my Saturday RP2IPBP ride at SBRA also.... so long check out USCC.

However, I will not go so early, to get the sun a little more up.... and air warmer. So far I started at 10am, I may be convincable for 9am. In a group it is an 3 hour ride, if going easy, as Trevors is on Sunday.

PyZahl said...

BTW -- you will be back home by 12:00 -- The group is usually back be 11:00 to 11:10 -- I rode back home as we returned to North Country, extra 35min, and was done with shower & laundry by exactly noon!

No excuses -- no stops -- fast+most fun :-)