Sunday, September 23, 2007

Warm Weekend

A warm weekend was on tap as highs were predicted in the low to mid 80's for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, I hooked up with the Brands group for great ride down to the LIE service road, and back. We had six riders in a pretty strong group. For me, the pace was perfect, not hyper fast and not too slow either. Just nice cruising speed. It was a little misty in the morning but its good that we got an early start since it rained on-and-off for most of the afternoon. I tacked on a loop to Jones Beach afterward to get my total mileage up to 54 for the day. It felt pretty good to enjoy this ride since the Highlander (last weekend) was so tough!

Today, a sunny but windy Early Birds. Once again, on the south route. Medium sized group and I was able to hang with the pack for whole ride, excepting one small section before the rest stop where the group was broken up crossing a busy street. I tried to chase back on but they were really moving. So, I pulled into the 7-11 about 15-20 seconds later. Percy was at the ride. Here is his ride report with a couple of pics.

Just finished placing a couple of bike part orders. As the 2007 season is winding down, I am taking stock of whats worn out after a year of riding... rear tire, chain, cassette, etc.

Someone at the Early Birds mentioned that he is trying to get together a fall century ride in October in Connecticut. They did it last year and all had a good time. It is a challenging ride. Stats from last year indicate 116 miles and over 8,000 ft of elevation gain. They leave from Orient Point in the morning and catch the ferry to New London CT. They go through rolling back roads in CT then get the ferry back in the evening. For me it would be a very long day, with a long drive at each end. I will have to see if I can take a personal day at work, but it would make a nice "last century" for the year.

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