Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short Rides for a Busy Weekend

Kind of a busy weekend so I did two shortened rides. Or rather, the same short ride, both days.

Saturday I arrived at Brands parking lot at 7:00am for the usual group ride. We were missing our usual leader, Jamie, but the seven of that showed decided to do the usual route out on the LIE to exit 52 and back. By the time we got to the end of Round Swamp Rd. and hit the first hill of the LIE, we were down to 5. Two hills later, down to four. We made the turnaround, stayed together to the final hill of the LIE but after that we were down to two. The two of us flew back to Brands with the help of a nice tailwind.

Sunday, I had an early family commitment so I skipped the Early Birds and did the 40-mile route again. A bit cool at the start but, as on Saturday, it warmed up nicely by the halfway point.

I'm registered to race next Saturday at the Tour de Parc. If I wasn't racing I sure would like to be out in Southampton for the Whitmore Cyclocross races. The cyclocross WORLD CHAMPION (yes, WORLD champion), Erwin Vervecken will be racing. Maybe I can get there somehow for Sunday's racing. Lots of other national champions will be there as well. This will really be a showcase of some top riders.

Here is my report from last years race.

And, for your viewing pleasure, Erwin Verveckin winning the 2006 World Championship!

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