Sunday, August 19, 2007

Did my 5th Tour of the Hamptons Today

Just got back home about an hour ago after completing my 5th Tour of the Hamptons century ride. Nice cool weather today and a bit less wind than Saturday made for perfect contidions. We had a core group of about a dozen riders which we kept together for the whole 105 miles. This ride is advertised as "flat", and it is, compared to some other rides like the Gold Coast and Highlander, but there are still many rolling sections to sap the legs. Having done this ride a few times I have a good idea of where to conserve energy and where to make up time in a fast paceline. Got a nice t-shirt out of the deal too!

Yesterday was an easy-paced Brands ride, plus I added in a little detour through West Hills Park for myself. Now I need to start focusing on how I'm going to drag myself up those 11,000 ft of hills at next month's Highlander!

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