Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend Rides

Saturday I went out to Rocky Point for the usual Pre-Early Birds Hill ride, led by Pyzahl. We started with a group of seven. We split into groups of 5 and 2. I was with the front 5 as we rolled into Iron Pier, the usual stopping and regrouping point. The group of two came in 5-10 minutes behind us. Pyzahl polled the group if anyone was interested in extending the ride from the usual 55 miles to 75. He had one taker and I said I would decide at the split-off point. It turns out that I was short on time and water, so I stayed with the group of three that headed back on the usual route. We ended up with about 50+ miles as we avoided the last set of hills. It was a great ride, as usual, and I was glad to stay with the main group through the hills. The legs must be coming back.

Discussing the ride at the regrouping point.

On Sunday, I needed to be back home by 9:00am and it worked out great for a short AM ride with Joel from the old Brands group. He was in town for Mother's Day so we agreed to meet for a 7:00AM to 9:00AM ride. We headed up Round Swamp Road (where I flatted!) and through West Hills. We hammered back to town with a tailwind most of the way. I was home by 9:10AM. Without the flat it would have been 9:00AM on the dot! It was good to see Joel again and (of course) it was a great ride.

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