Saturday, March 07, 2009

Vitamin S

Cleaning the sand and salt off the bike.

They guys at Rapha talk about their rides out west as having plenty of "Vitamin G", meaning the gravel surface on the seldom used back roads they seek out. My ride today had plenty of "Vitamin S", meaning sand, salt, snowmelt, and SUN! The weather cooperated and it was a realatively warm morning, around 45F when I started at 7:15 AM, up to about 55F when I got home, 3 hours later. As I update this blog, its nearly 70F!

Did 50 miles on the Brands route and West Hills. Tried to hook up with Mike W. this morning but I left a little earlier than I anticipated and I think he left a little later than planned, so we ended up missing each other. I was riding solo but I saw a lot of other roadies out. A couple of small groups were heading North on Round Swamp Rd., probably heading to the Triangle ride. On the LIE North service road, I ran into Atila from the Early Birds, who was on his way to a group ride leaving from St. Matthews church. I should have checked the SBRA ride schedule!

Due to the first three S's, the bike was in need of a major cleaning when I got home.

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