Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seems to be a Trend

Last weekend did a 30-miler up Round Swamp Rd. and back, on Saturday. I expected salty and sandy roads so I left the Specialized at home and took the Trek instead. Weather was not bad, temperature mostly in the high 30's, but quite windy.

Sunday, did a 45 minute spin on the trainer then worked on preparations for a big family gathering at the house.

This weekend, once again did the 30 mile ride up Round Swamp Rd., this time on the Specialized. Legs felt pretty good but it was cold, around 28F. Hands and feet numb after 30 miles so I called it a day.

Last night snow and freezing rain, so the roads are too icy to go out for a ride. Hopefully can (at least) two rides in next weekend, which is a holiday weekend.

Got some cycling odds and ends from Excel Sports this week: Flea headlight for my short morning commute to the train station, a little velcro loop to keep pant leg out of the chain, new chain and cassete that will need changing in a few weeks, another base layer, and some chain cleaner and lube.

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