Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Trifecta!

Third riding day in a row as I joined the Early Birds in Manorville for the North route. Large group worked well together. I think we only lost about 5 guys on the final haul up Rt. 51 and Route 111. Pyzahl was kind enough to post photos and ride stats once again. One scary moment when a big old woodchuck (or groundhog?) decided to run straight through our 25 mph paceline! Rider three places in front of me ran over him but did not go down (lucky for all of us behind him or we would have been toast!). Woodchuck disappeared on the other side of the road.
Here are some of PyZahl's photos from the rest stop in Cutchogue, including me trying to work out a piece of Clif bar from between my teeth!


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