Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to the Early Birds

Seeing as there were no ill effects from yesterday's group ride, I decided to go for it by joining the Early Birds this morning. Had a nice size group (12-15, or so). Nice pace. Most of the super-strong guys were not there (racing today, I think) so there weren't many crazy attacks. I'm starting to remember how nice it is to recover in a paceline on a group ride, compared to a solo ride where there is really no place to hide from the wind.
Next weekend is Easter and we will be upstate so I won't make it to the Birds ride, but I hope to start getting out there on a more regular basis. Looks like work will be the main obstacle.
Pyzahl was on the ride again and took pictures. So, once again, if he posts them I will put some links in the blog. TTFN!

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